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Wood Chisel Sets

Woodworking is one of those classic hobbies that never really goes out of style. Nothing quite compares to a quiet afternoon of creating your own unique wooden masterpiece from a featureless and boring piece of wood. However, in order to get the job done right, you are going to need some quality woodworking hand tools. Fortunately, Berry’s is here to help you build up your own unique woodworking tool set that best fits your needs.

Berry’s has an extensive line of the best woodworking chisels and wood lathe tools from top brands like DeWalt, Stanley and Nicholson. These tools make it easy and fun to create the fine details on your woodworking projects that make your creations uniquely yours. So, whether you are a woodworking beginner or an experienced wood craftsman, Berry’s has the expertise, customer service and product selection to provide the best wood chisel set for your needs.

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Stanley 150 Wood Chisel Set With Polypropylene Handle Toolbasix JL13210 Wood Chisel Sets CHISEL WOOD SET 3PC 1/2 3/4 IN
Stanley Wood Chisel Set, Forged Carbon Steel, Stanley, Series: 150, 7-3/4 in Length, 3 Pieces, Includes: 16-153 1/2 in, 16-155 3/4 in and 16-157 1 in Chisel Drop forged alloy steel blades with beveled cutting edge with fully polished, hardened and tempered finish. Includes: 1/2'', 3/4'' and 1''. Black finish, chrome vanadium steel blade with TPR cushioned handle and striking cap. Re-usable tool holder helps protect the blade during storage.
FatMax 16-970 Wood Chisel Set Stanley 16-300 Wood Chisel Set With Bi-Material Handle Nicholson WCSET3CM/WCSET3N Chisel Rasp Set
FatMax Wood Chisel Set, Alloy Steel, FatMax, 9 in Length, 3 Pieces, Includes: 16-975 1/2 in, 16-977 3/4 in and 16-978 1 in Wood Chisel, Yellow Stanley Wood Chisel Set, Carbon Steel, Stanley, 9 in Length, 3 Pieces, Includes: 16-308 1/2 in, 16-312 3/4 in and 16-316 1 in Wood Chisel, Silver Nicholson Chisel Rasp Set, Forged Steel, Nicholson, 3 Pieces, Includes: 1/2, 3/4 and 1 in Chisel Rasp
Marples 1768781 Bevel Edge Construction Chisel Wallet DeWalt DWHT16063 Wood Chisel Set
Marples Construction Chisel Wallet, Bevel Edge, Steel Blade, Marples, 4-1/8 in, 4-1/4 in Length, 3 Pieces, Includes: 1/2 in, 3/4 in, 1 in Construction Chisel and Wallet Carrying Case DeWalt Wood Chisel Set, Carbon Steel, DeWalt, 1 in Tip Width, 5-1/4 in Handle Length, Bi-Material Handle, 4 Pieces, Includes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 in Chisel, Chrome Plated