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Wallpaper Tools & Accessories

Wallpaper is a popular choice for many who want to decorate their walls, but do not want to go the paint route. With the right wallpaper tools, anyone who wants to add a unique touch to a room can do so with relative ease. Wall paper tools help to get wallpaper in place, smooth it out, ensure that it will never come off, and more.

On the flips side, if it is time to take your old wallpaper down, Berry’s Paint has a variety of wallpaper removal tools to help do so quickly and without damaging your walls. With these accessories, the wall can be spared any damage and you can begin to paint, remodel, or put up new wallpaper in whatever fashion you choose.

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Mintcraft 14083-3L Wallpaper Stripper Replacement Blades Mintcraft 38800 Wallpaper Smoothing Tools Hyde Tools 45807 Smoothing Tool
Fits for SKU #702-1744 wallpaper stripper. Five blades included. Use to smooth wall covering, spread drywall compound or use as a trim guide and paint shield. Hyde Tools Smoothing Tool, 8 in Width, Polypropylene, White
Allway Tools WSB Wallpaper Stripper Replacement Blades Zinsser SureGrip Seam and Repair Adhesive American Safety Razor 66-0377 American Line Wallstripper Blades
Allway Tools Universal Replacement Blade, Suitable For Use With: 4 in Wide, Wall Strippers, Glass and Tile Scrapers, Carbon Steel, 5 Blades Zinsser Seam and Repair Adhesive, Series: SureGrip, 2 oz Capacity, Tube Packing, 159 g/l VOC, Liquid, Clear, Smooth/Flat, 1 Min Drying Time, >200 deg F Flash Point, Media: Alcohol Film Forming Foam, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, Dry Sand Water Fog, Composition: Propylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, Vinyl Acetate, Vinyl Base, Resists American Line Wall Stripper Blade, Suitable For Use With: 4 in Stripping Tools, High Carbon Steel, Removing wallpaper, paint and stickers
Hyde Tools 33255 Wallpaper Shaver Blades Red Star 30120 Seam Roller Hyde 31550 Quick Change Razor Knife Scraper
Hyde Shaver Replacement Blade, Snap-Off, Suitable For Use With: Model 174, 33120, 33110, 33090 and Other Shavers, 4 in Length, Steel, Includes: Redwood, Hyde tools 33250 glass scraper Red Star Seam Roller, 1-1/4 in, Hardwood Cover, Polypropylene Handle Hyde Razor Knife Scraper, Quick Change, 1 in Blade Width, Metal Frame Blade, Hardwood Handle, Steel Plated, Includes: (1) Blade, For Cut, Slice and Trim Wall covering, Paper, Foil
Encore Plastics 32160 Wallpaper Tray Zinsser 2988 Replacement Scraper Blade DQB 11930 Wallpaper Smoother Brush
Encore Plastics Wallpaper Tray, Heavy Duty, 32 in, Plastic Zinsser Scraper Blade, Replacement, Series: 2988, Applicable Materials: Wallpaper, For Scraping Walls DQB Wallpaper Smoother Brush, 12 in Brush, 2 in Trim Length, Tampico Trim, Hardwood Handle
Hyde 33150 Replacement Shaver Blade Hyde 33170 Replacement Shaver Blade Mintcraft 14082-3L Wallpaper Stripper
Hyde Shaver Blade, Replacement, Series: 33150, 3/4 in Thickness, Applicable Materials: Wallpaper, High Carbon Steel, For No 331 Shaver Hyde Shaver Blade, Replacement, Series: 33170, 4 in, Applicable Materials: Wallpaper, High Carbon Steel, For No 174 Shavers No 3312, 3311, 339 And Other 4 Inch Shaver Remove wallpaper; scrape paint or stickers off glass. Enameled die-cast head holds replaceable blade at angle.
Papertiger 02966 Single Head Scoring Tool Zinsser 02986 Paperscraper Wallpaper Scrapers Maxxgrip Wallpaper Shear 11 in L Comfort Grip
Papertiger Scoring Tool, Single Head, 1 in Blade Width, Includes: (2) 1 in Blades, For Wallpaper Removal Paper Scraper Wallpaper Remover, Replaceable Blade, For scraping off residual adhesive and paint drips Maxxgrip Wallpaper Shear, Series: Professional Grade, Stainless Steel Blade, Sharp Point, Comfort Grip Handle, Plastic Handle, 11 in Overall Length, Applicable Materials: Fabric, Foil, Plastic and Vinyl
Allway Tools WPS Wallpaper Stripper Hyde Tools 33120 Wallpaper Shaver/Scraper Hyde Tools 33100 Wallpaper Shaver/Scraper
Allway Tools Wall Stripper, 4 in Steel Blade Width, Aluminum Blade, 12 in Overall Length, For wall and mold scraping Hyde Tools Wallpaper Shaver/Scraper, Multi-Purpose, 4 in Blade Width, For Scrapes Paint or Stickers From Glass Hyde Tools Wallpaper Shaver/Scraper, Multi-Purpose, 3-1/4 in Blade Width, Die-Cast Blade, Cushion Grip Handle, Tubular Metal Handle, 11 in OAL, For Scrapes Paint or Stickers From Glass
American Safety Razor 65-0001 Smartedge Wall Scrapers Zinsser 02976 Zinsser Wallpaper Scoring Tools Wagner 0282014 On-Demand Power Steamer
American Line Wall Stripper, Adjustable, Heavy Duty, 4 in Blade Width Zinsser Wallpaper Remover Tool, Series: Papertiger, Free-Floating, Self-Aligning, Triple Head, 1 in Length, 3 in Width, Steel Teeth, For removing residual adhesive Expands from a wallpaper remover to a steamer that cleans and sanitizes. Removes wallpaper, grease and grime. Cleans barbeque grill, floors and rugs. Chemical-Free. Fingertip steam control for continuous or intermittent steam. Includes handle/pistol rest, two extension tubes, window/tile squeegee, floor cleaning head and pad, wallpaper steam plate, 8' steam hose and funnel. Wheels allow for mobility. Light indicates on/off. Specifications: 1500 Watts, 45 minute run time and 48 fluid ounces capacity.