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Strait Line 65602 Non-Adhesive Flagging Tape Strait Line 65605 Non-Adhesive Flagging Tape Stanley 42-193/184 Line Level
Strait Line 65901 Non-Adhesive Flagging Tape Strait Line 65903 Non-Adhesive Flagging Tape Strait Line 65905 Non-Adhesive Flagging Tape
Johnson Level 575 Structo-Cast Line Levels Irwin Industrial 1794483  Line Levels Irwin 1794487 Bullseye Level
Lufkin L610 Measuring Tape Stanley 47-400 Magnetic Stud Finder Structo Cast 7500 Torpedo Level
Johnson 405 Square Stair Gauge General Tools 300/1 Flexible Precision Measuring Rule Empire 93 Line Level
Kapro 229-32-B  Torpedo Levels Johnson Level 7500M  Torpedo Levels Johnson 500 Pocket Level With Magnetic Pickup 5 in L
General Tools 843/1 Pencil Compass/Scriber Powerlock 39-130 Measuring Tape Johnson 555 Line/Surface Level
Stanley 42-287 Lightweight Line Level Johnson Structo Cast B75 Sliding T-Bevel General Tools 803 Stair Gauge Set
Johnson Structo Cast Rafter Angle Square Irwin Industrial 1794484  Line Levels LINE LEVEL SET
Johnson 175-O Post Level Stanley 42-294 Torpedo Level Toolbasix JLO-063  Torpedo Levels
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Measuring & Leveling Tools & Devices

Line levels, pocket levels and measuring tapes are just a few of the items that will perfect your next project. Let Berry's help you out with measuring devices that are both affordable and accurate. Structo-Cast and Stanley Tools offer levels that have impact resistance along with a lightweight housing. Level your next countertop or cabinet project like a pro with measuring tools that stand the test of time.

A Stanley tape measure is a priceless tool that helps you avoid those costly mistakes during tile, drywall or carpet installations. Try a framing square tool when you need to hang doors, cabinets or other items perfectly level and with accurate plumb lines. Level measurement instruments, including the builders level, come calibrated and ready for use with full manufacturers’ warranties behind them.