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Nelson PSH6/9-72/56 Shim Shepherd 9435 Shim EZ Shim HS400BP Hinge Shim
EZ Shim HS450BP Quick Align Hinge Shim EZ Shim HS350BP Quick Align Hinge Shim Oatey 14205 Rain Collar
Oatey 14206 Rain Collar No-Calk 11899 Roof Flashing Flex-Flash No-Calk 14009 Flexible Roof Flashing
No-Calk 11898 Roof Flashing Flex-Flash No-Calk 14012 Flexible Roof Flashing Amerimax 66304 Versa Valley Flashing
All-Flash No-Calk 11919 Roof Flashing No-Calk 11890 Roof Flashing Oatey 14207 Rain Collar
Flex-Flash No-Calk 14038 Flexible Roof Flashing Amerimax 66306 Versa Valley Flashing No-Calk 11891 Roof Flashing
Flex-Flash No-Calk 14041 Flexible Roof Flashing No-Calk 11887 Roof Flashing Nelson CSH16/42/10/24 Shim
Oatey 14208 Rain Collar No-Calk 11888 Roof Flashing No-Calk 11889 Roof Flashing
Nelson CSBP56 Shim Amerimax 70406 Standard Valley Flashing All-Flash No-Calk 11871 Roof Flashing
Amerimax 66308 Versa Valley Flashing Nelson WC8/32/15/50 Composite Shim All-Flash No-Calk 12920 Roof Flashing
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Building Hardware Products & Supplies

Everyone knows that a great project starts with great supplies. That is why the professionals at Berry’s Paint always guarantee our customers receive the premium-quality home hardware and building supplies they need to tackle even their most challenging construction projects. We carry an expansive selection of builder’s hardware products ranging from insulation supplies and roofing supplies to attic ladders and fireplace hardware – and that is just scratching the surface! Use our selection of professional builder’s supply for protection, decoration or convenience in your next construction project.

Not sure where to start? Use the list of applications below to help you find what you are looking for!

  • Use Shims (or spacers) for filling small gaps or spaces between objects (like bricks or cinder blocks). Shims are typically used to support, adjust or provide a level surface for a variety of building projects.
  • Pipe flashings are used to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint. Flashings are typically used to prevent water from leaking into chimneys, vents pipes, walls, windows or door openings.
  • Sill Seals are used primarily for doors and windows and prevent rotting or decay of the sill plate from water or other environmental forces.