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Buy Sundries Online

Sometimes you just need a hodgepodge of items for your DIY or construction project. Berry’s Paint has you covered.

We offer a huge variety of sundry items for sale, such as:

  • Paint Thinners
  • Construction Adhesives
  • PVC Trim
  • Knives
  • Ladders
  • Caulking
  • Tapes
  • Cleaners
  • And So Much More

You name it and we have it. Even better, our paint sundries prices are super affordable and can ship anywhere!

Our Online Sundry Shop Has Everything You Need!

Whether you are looking to repair your roof or build a concrete sidewalk, we want to help. Explore our online sundry shop to find the items you need for your next project. If you need additional support or are unsure of the exact products you need, contact us. We have extensive knowledge about the construction industry as well as our products and we would love to help you find the best tools for your project needs.

Berry’s Paint is way more than a paint shop. We are your one stop shop hardware and supply store. Our physical store is located in Homestead, FL and we ship anywhere.

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Mintcraft 10531 Putty Knives Rock Hard 1 Water Putty Adfors FibaTape FDW6620-U Drywall Joint Tape
Mintcraft Putty Knife, 1-1/2 in Blade Width, High Carbon Steel Blade, Half Tang, Stiff Blade, Plastic Handle, Sand Polished or Chrome Plated Rock Hard Water Putty, 1 lb, Powder, Cream, Gypsum Base, ASTM Specified, For Painters, Decorators, Woodworkers, Electricians and Carpenters Adfors FibaTape Drywall Joint Tape, 2 in Width, 75 ft Length, Paper, White
National Gypsum JT2342 Joint Tape 250 ft L Krud Kutter PH3512 Waste Paint Hardener ClarkDietrich M859 Bullnose Transition Cap
National Gypsum Joint Tape, 250 ft Length Krud Kutter Waste Paint Hardener, 3.5 oz Capacity, Bag Packing, Solid, Composition: Poly Absorbant, Clear, >200 deg F Flash Point, Flammability Rating: 1, ANSI Z88.2, OSHA 1910.134, Used on Oil Based Paint Spills ClarkDietrich Bullnose Transition Cap, 4-1/2 in Width, 3/4 in Radius, 90 deg Corners
Gator 4156 Flexible Waterproof Sanding Pad Adfors FibaTape FDW8658-U Cement Board Tape Adfors FibaTape Quadra-Mesh Electrical Outlet Patch
Gator Sanding Pad, Flexible Waterproof, Series: 4156, 4 in Length, 3 in Width, 1/2 in Thickness, Aluminum Oxide, 100 Grit, Grade: Medium, For Used on Wood, Metal, Fiberglass and Painted Surfaces Adfors FibaTape Drywall Joint Tape, 1-7/8 in Width, 50 ft Length, Self-Adhesive Adhesive, White Adfors FibaTape Electrical Outlet Patch, Series: Quadra-Mesh, 7 in Width, 7 in Length, Fiberglass, Self-Adhesive Adhesive, White, For Electrical Outlets, Pipes and Vents
Linzer RC152 Top Coater Deck/Driveway Roller Covers DQB 11951 Masonry/Water Paint Brush DQB 11957 Masonry/Water Paint Brush
Linzer Roller Refill, Heavy Duty, 9 in Length, Deep Penetration of Basement and Garage Floors, Driveways, Masonry Walls and Patios Application Surface, Polybagged DQB Masonry/Water Paint Brush, Polypropylene Synthetic Trim, 3 in Trim, 2 Rows, 6-3/4 in Handle Length, Hardwood Handle DQB Masonry/Water Paint Brush, Polypropylene Synthetic Trim, 3 in Trim, Tampico Trim, 2 Rows, 7 in Handle Length, Hardwood Handle
DQB 11603 Square End Scrub Brush DAP Fast ?N Final Lightweight Ready-to-Use Spackling Compound DQB 11937 EZ Masonry Brush
DQB Scrub Brush, Square End, 8 in Brush, 8-1/4 X 3 in Block, Hardwood Block, Tampico Trim, 1-1/8 in Trim, White Trim, 18 X 7 Rows DAP Spackling Compound, Lightweight, Ready-to-Use, Series: Fast ?N Final, 1/2 pt Capacity, Tub Packing, 9.5 g/l VOC, 7 - 12 pH, Paste, White, 24 hr Drying Time, Slight Sweet Odor/Scent, >200 deg F Flash Point, Media: Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical and Foam, Composition: Sodium Silicate Glass, Ethylene Glycol, Vinyl Acetate and Formaldehyde, Resists DQB EZ Masonry Brush, Series: 11937, 4-3/4 in Length Brush, Angular Tampico Colored Poly/Synthetic Bristle Trim, 3 in Trim Length, For Many Liquid Compounds, Concrete Blocks, Basement Walls, Fences and Other Rough Surfaces
DQB 8356 3-In-1 Stripping Brush Mintcraft C01262 Concrete Acid Brushes Henry HE289004 Roof Sealant
DQB Stripping Brush, 3-In-1, Series: 8356, 8 in Overall Length, Brass Bristle Trim, 5/8 in Trim Length, Plastic Handle, For Furniture Mintcraft Concrete Acid Brush, 8 in Overall Length, 1-7/8 in Brush, Bristle Trim, Polypropylene Handle, Tampico Henry Roof Sealant, Series: 289, Brush GRADE, 11 oz Capacity, Cartridge, 50 % VOC, Liquid, White, 12-1/2 sq-ft/gal at 1/8 in Thick Coverage, 2 - 4 hr Drying Time, Slight Odor/Scent, >212 Deg F Flash Point, Media: Carbon Dioxide, Water, Water Fog, Dry Chemical and Chemical Foam, Composition: Acrylic Polymer Blend, Benzyl Butyl Phthalate, Calcium Carbonate, Silica, Quartz, Titanium Dioxide, Water, Flammability Rating: 1, 1.39 at 77 Deg F Specific Gravity, Application Method: Brush or Trowel, Water Base, For Commercial and Residential Applications
Henry HE308004 Driveway Crack Filler DQB 11945 Roof Brush DQB 11949 Roof Brush With Threaded Handle Hole
Henry Elastomeric Crack Repair, Series: HE308, 10.1 oz Capacity, Cartridge Packing, 50 g/l VOC, 40000 cPs Viscosity, 6 - 9 pH, Paste, Black, 15 linear-ft of 3/8 in Bead Coverage, 1 hr Drying Time, Slight Odor/Scent, >212 deg F Flash Point, Composition: Silica, Quartz, Petroleum Asphalt and Water, Flammability Rating: 1, 1.25 Specific Gravity DQB Roof Brush, Heavy Duty, Series: 11945, 7 in Length Brush, Tampico Bristle Trim, 2 in Trim Length, White Trim, For All Roof Coating and Washing, Cleaning of Brick?, Stone and Wood DQB Roof Brush, Tampico Fiber Trim, 2 in Trim, White Trim, 6 Rows, 7 X 2-5/8 in Handle, Hardwood Handle, For Roof Coating
DQB 11943 Masonry Brush DQB 11642 Tapered Hole Acid Scrub Brush DQB 11923 Masonry Brush
DQB Masonry Brush, Series: 11943, 6-1/2 in Length Brush, Tampico Colored Poly/Synthetic Bristle Trim, 3-1/2 in Trim Length, 4 Rows DQB Acid Scrub Brush, Tapered Hole, 8 in Brush, 8-1/4 X 3 in Block, Hardwood Block, Tampico Trim, 1-1/16 in Trim, White Trim, 18 X 7 Rows DQB Masonry Brush, Polypropylene Trim, 2-1/2 - 3 in Trim, White Trim, 4-3/4 X 1-7/8 in Ferrule, 6-3/4 in Handle Length, Hardwood Handle
DQB 11643 Acid Brush Quickie 222RMCAN-24 Acid Scrub Brushes DQB 11913 Driveway Coater Brushes
DQB Acid Brush, Heavy Duty, Series: 11643, 8 in Overall Length, Tampico Fiber Bristle Trim, 1-1/16 in Trim Length, White Trim, Hardwood Handle, For Scrubbing Brick? or Masonry with Acids Professional Acid Brush, 8 in Length x 4 in Width Brush, Bristle Trim, 4 in Trim, Threaded Handle, Tampico, Use With Appropriate Chemicals to Remove Masonry Stains DQB Driveway Coater Brush, 12 in Brush, Polypropylene Trim, 2 in Trim, Threaded Handle, For Driveways, Roofs, Streets and Parking Lots
DQB E-Z Fit Masonry/Water Paint Brush Geocel 68106 3300 Polyurethane Sealant Intertape 9532-1.5 Masking Tape
DQB Masonry/Water Paint Brush, Series: E-Z Fit, Tampico Fiber Trim, 3 in Trim, White Trim, 4-3/4 in Handle Length, For Around The Home on Basement Walls, Concrete Blocks and Fences Geocel Roof Polyurethane Adhesive, Series: 3300, Professional GRADE, 10.1 oz Capacity, Cartridge, 3 g/l VOC, <0.205 cm-sq/s Viscosity, 2 - 11.5 pH, Liquid, Limestone, 24.1 ft Linear Coverage, 3 hr Tack-Free Drying Time, 1 Day Functional Cure, >199.9 Deg F Flash Point, Media: Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, Water and Fog, Composition: Calcium Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide, Flammability Rating: 0, 1.51 Specific Gravity, -20 To 150 Deg F Application, Applicable Materials: Stone, Masonry, Ceramics, Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Asphalt, BUR, Concrete, Fiberglass, Vinyl and Many Other Common Building Substrates, Application Method: Caulking Gun, 45 Shore A Shore, 200 psi Tensile, Mixing Ratio: 4:1, -20 To 150 Deg F, Standards: Meets ASTM C920 Types , GRADE NS, Class 25, Use NT, A, M, G, and O, Meets Federal Specification TT-S-0230 C, Type II, Class A, ISO Registered, 881% Elongation, For Concrete And Clay Roofing Tile, Metal Roofing, Kynar Coated Metal And Composition Shingles Intertape Masking Tape, Series: 9532-1.5, 1.4 in Width, 60 yd Length, Blue Tape, For Lacqured or Polyurethane Surfaces and Floors
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